Rachael O'Shaughnessy
"Avalon""Big Mountain Wave""Tempest, Provincetown""Night Surf 1""Night Surf 2""Summer Solace""Night Wave 1""Tempest 1""Night Wave 2""Tempest 2""Warm Storm""Storm Wave, Provincetown"" Night Water Hamilton ""Tree Line Hamilton""Frost Field, Hamilton""Sea of Night Provincetown 2", (for Brian)   "Hidden Moon, Provincetown ""Sea of Night, Provincetown" "Sea Swell Ogunquit" 'Sea of Night"
"Sea Wall"" Sea Swell 7 " "Sea Swell 4""Slow Lift""Sea Swell 8 " "Sea Swell 3""Silence 4""Warm Silence""Drift (Yellow)""Presence, Stonington, 1""Sea Swell 6""Silence (meadow)""Sea Swell 5""Silence,6""Presence, Stonington, 2""Presence (summer)""Silence 2""Scarborough Drift""Presence (coastline)"
'Sea of Night"
oil on box panel
4 in. x 6 in.