Transform your space and vision: Rachael O'Shaughnessy: Commisioned Works

I would love to create a work for you, your work place, or for someone special in your life!



I love to personalize and to connect my vision with that of a collector! Some clients have asked me to respond to something they had seen in my exhibitions,or on line, while others express to me their favored colors, size, places, or natural objects that are imbued with personal meaning. When our energies gel, a magic occurs!
 Commissioning a work is simple, and it starts with a message or email , and then a brief fleshing out of potentials occurs. Affordable, personal, and an investment that enhances you life over time.
 A story for the keeping:
Years ago,my gallery sold a large painting from a body of work that was a risk for me in the making, in that is was my first without the human figure. When the collector who purchased it asked to meet me, I was happy to comply. The work held three filaments of grass, little flying botanical forms,rising through swaths of color and light.The new owner told me through tears that when she saw it, that she had a new peace about her son's death. In the wisps of grass I'd painted, she saw his journey within them. She felt him leaving her arms but staying in light form, and pulling upward to realms of protection. As we spoke, I became aware that my botanical filaments had the potential to touch people and conveys aspects of humanity as much or more than my prior bodies of work featuring the human figure and face.
 Now, as I reach this second half of life, I am surprised to be discovering this personal ,atmospheric "Eden" language to have expended from the ocean light series that has been my work for a decade, to include fresh new botanical and garden elements. The ocean, and my feeling of a timeless "Eden" of sorts seem to have both merged into one broader language.
 For the first time, I am pleased to offer commissioned work based on both of these languages.
If a client respond to a work of mine that has already sold, I am often able to create a fresh work that strongly echoes aspects of it, while becoming a unique work for them all at once. I also work with people to customize a painting within their desired size and range of palette, and even within certain elements from within their own gardens.I love to coax their personal symbols toward the light and into the path of discovery.
Look for updates soon to this website, and be in touch with my galleries to purchase or view existing works. Thank you for your interest in my life's work, and my ardent passion. I'll hope to have our energies unite!

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