Rachael O'Shaughnessy

Lifting The Ocean Light.
Ten years ago, traumatic life shifts and a car accident galvanized a new strength in me, when I witnessed a profound sunrise which altered the path of my work, and my life. Forever changed, I have been witnessing each consecutive sunrise over the ocean since, (365 days a year for 10 years).
In witness to thousands of rises, my brushes unite with the shifting sunlight, colored atmosphere, and waters that move me. I merge paint, presence, and purpose; gathering the experience on site, then working in my studio from feeling and memory.
Every morning, I wake before dawn to find the universal in atmospheric light and extend it to others, to lift or open them. A sunrise is impossible to capture, so I forgo the timely for the timeless, and seek nature's essential essence. A tiny vessel in the vastness. I'm here to move others with my rendering nature as felt, walked through, breathed in, and condensed.