Rachael Eastman
The surface of a painting can be as multifaceted and nuanced as the experience of memory. Cognition becomes interspersed with emotion in this melding, which is held in layers of paint over time.
In this sense, my paintings reflect nature's palpable qualities. Sea and sky are simplified to their essence and immersed in color until each work builds its own feel. Emotion mingles with pigment and sensation until the echo of a place remains on my surface. Though my works are based on specific locations, my aim is to elude the literal to render nature as felt, walked through, breathed in, and condensed.
I am interested in the visceral awareness that exists when becoming fully present in a place. Romanticism is forced to reconcile with the zen mind when all past perceptions once culled on site must become a single tactile present within each painting: an object that convinces me that it is something more.