Rachael O'Shaughnessy
“Love's mysteries in souls do grow,
But yet the body is his book.”
-John Donne

Modeling as an extension of art: A passion has formed.
A conversational challenge from two drawing instructor friends to throw old notions of beauty and aging on their head by modeling for other artists has shifted my working life in art. Modeling has become an unexpected passion! Rehabilitation after multiple surgeries had me humbled in my long time painting and yoga practices, and too shaken to share my body. As a painter from the face and figure nearly exclusively for 30 years, and as a yogi who has spent equally as many years steeped in Buddhist psychology and mediation, I was surprised to find that modeling called all of my skills to bear and pulled me beyond my fears.
Posing mindfully as I age into youth has meant meditative focus, athletic exertion, balance, artistic giving, cerebral stretching, aesthetic awareness, and a nurturing release.
Modeling sustains me, as it is a very direct way to be immersed in my belief in the fundamentals within art schools and artists groups nurturing drawing ,painting, sculpture and beyond. It also extends my physical therapy, attunes my sense of dynamism, and pull empathy deeper within my work and my teaching. (The quiet within modeling is stirring as with the best aspects of art and ocean.)
In addition to my art, ocean, and museum work, I now model for portraiture sessions , costumed sessions, athletic poses, yoga based sessions, dramatic gestured sessions, print work, and of course, many traditional figure drawing sessions. I am modeling in everything from costumed work, to nude, and I am happy to customize each session with the instructor and circumstance. I now model for art schools, universities, private painting, drawing, and sculpture groups, specialized workshops,schools,and for private individual artists. Each experience strengthens and enlivens my mind, body, and spirit. Modeling fuels my studio practice in painting and drawing, as well as my museum work, and it serves as a very direct way to give within the art communities that have given so much to sustain me!
I am currently seeking modeling in all of these permutations for workshops all over New England and I travel long distances for bookings just as I do for my art, and my museum work. Please book me to share an experience if you are in Maine or New Hampshire certainly, but do not think me out of your range geographically if you are in New England, or, if need a specialized session for a workshops or work that is further away.
Do add me to your roster of model contacts and be in touch to book times in advance. My fees are based on my pay per hour at art schools as averaged, but each session is customized within consideration of travel, and class budget, etc. (I love the work and value and each experience within that context).

Contact :
E-mail at russrach_2000yahoo.com to inquire on details, or to book time efficiently in advance. Reach me directly through a message directly via Facebook messages or Instagram messages,Friend/private message Rachael Eastman ( RachAel with an A).

Rachael Eastman
P.O. Box 2485
So. Portland ME. 04116